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My Story

For years my sister has been quilting up a storm. Her quilts are beautiful. Knowing that quilting interested me, she gave me pre-cut quilt fabric for Christmas. That was the perfect gift which started me on a journey which has been a true delight.

After quilting for a while and learning the basics from friends at my local quilt guild, I decided it was time to try something new and different. Log cabin quilts had caught my attention, but I was a little nervous about piecing everything together. I had heard other people had difficulty getting their log cabin squares to come together correctly. I had also heard people had gotten confused while piecing. I had seen log cabin quilt kits on the market, but none of them appealed to me. I wanted to design my quilt with the colors and patterns of my choosing. It was time for me to get busy.

In search of a log cabin block pattern, I did a Google search for log cabin quilts. I was not disappointed. I saw many types of quilts, which included some block patterns. Feeling a bit nervous about the whole process, I wondered if there were tools available that would make things simpler. I found that there were several tools designed to make log cabin quilting much easier. I was on my way to a new adventure!


Why I Want to Help You

In my research, I hopped all over the internet in search of basic log cabin square patterns, quilt designs using completed squares, videos tutorials, and the tools to make the process easier. I want to share those things with you so that you too can experience sweet success and joy in making something beautiful.


My Goal

My goal is to provide you with the information you need and want to make your log cabin quilt, wallhanging, or other decorative item. I hope to see you succeed and have fun while doing it. Eventually, I hope to be able to assist you in obtaining the tools that help make log cabin quilts easier to put together.

Happy Quilting!



2 thoughts on “About Diana

  1. My grandmother passed over 20 years ago and we still have quilts of hers. I am too uncoordinated and not enough patience to do quilting but my future Ukrainian wife is into it and I will definitely turn her onto your site. If you know any Ukrainians, then you know I am going to be quilting with her. lol
    I love your site and will be back. Or should I say WE will be back.


  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I too have received quilts from my grandmother. One is on my bed right now.

    I look forward to having you and your fiance visit the site again. It sounds like she is quite an expert. I am sure I can learn from her.

    Thanks again.


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